Easy access to major travel and transport routes

With easy access from both the Anthony Henday Drive and the Yellowhead Trail, Aurum Gateway is conveniently located for commuter traffic travelling within Edmonton, or heading towards Northern Alberta.

Built-in customer base

With over 5,000 employees working within Aurum Energy Park every day, there is a built-in customer base just steps away who will require commercial services and fuel business on a day-to-day basis.


Close to Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Fort Saskatchewan and other industrial locations such as Suncor Energy Refinery and Kiewit Energy.

The Site

Over 38 acres of land and a total of 15 lots available for retail services

Aurum Gateway: Refuel. Refresh. Repeat.

Aurum Energy Park is easily accessible to anyone and everyone –whether that’s the people who work in Aurum Industrial Park or those traversing the major routes nearby. At over 38 acres of land and a total of 15 lots available for retail services, it has the potential to be a lucrative business location, since there’s already a built-in potential customer base: from existing tenants and their business operations – their employees and their business colleagues who visit the park; and also from the general public whose travel routes may bring them near or to the Park. Services such as a gas station, car wash and restaurants will likely generate high volumes of traffic, being essential services that are conveniently located for customers.


Aurum Gateway is conveniently located right off Anthony Henday Drive in the north east of Edmonton on Aurum Road. It is connected to key major transportation corridors, including Highway 16 east-west and Highway 63. With the opening of the final connection for Aurum Road, Aurum Gateway is in prime location for commuter traffic to refuel and refresh on their travels.

Aurum Energy Park is home to these world-class companies who are ready and waiting for you.

The Developer

Focus Equities - A Mariash Company

"There are over 250 billion dollars of oilsands projects planned in Alberta. We want to connect our customers with these opportunities and help them make the most of it, faster, easier, and more profitably."
Patricia Mariash and Kenneth William Mariash Sr.
Founders of Focus Equities

Focus Equities

A long track record of successful innovative financial structures.

Focus Equities, a Canadian corporation, provides development, investment and project finance in real estate, infrastructure, and mining. Founded over 35 years ago by Canadian entrepreneur Ken Mariash, Focus Equities and its associated companies (“Focus”) have developed, purchased, or sold more than 15 million square feet of real estate and more than 10,000 residential/condominium units in North America. Focus Equities is currently developing over 5 billion USD of projects in North America and has a long track record of successful innovative financial structures.

In real estate, Focus Equities acts both as the developer of large complex projects and as an active financial investor. Focus Equities generally partners with local entities and engineering firms for projects related to infrastructure, energy, and mining. Focus Equities provides corporate finance, development expertise, and corporate structuring in these joint ventures. One of the key strengths of Focus Equities is its ability to interface with large Canadian financial institutions and the Export Development Corporation of Canada.

Aurum Energy Park

  • Project Budget: $1 Billion
  • Location: Calgary, Alberta
  • Scope: 400 acre project, 4 million square foot retail centre
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Deerfoot Meadows

  • Project Budget: $1 Billion
  • Location: Calgary, Alberta
  • Scope: 400 acre project, 4 million square foot retail centre
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Bayview Place

  • Project Budget: $1 Billion
  • Location: Victoria, British Colombia
  • Scope: 20 acre, 1.4 million square foot harbour-front development
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Meadows Mile

  • Project Budget: $250 Million
  • Location: Calgary, Alberta
  • Scope: 1 mile of road frontage overlooking Deerfoot Meadows
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What We offer

  • Proven track record of success
  • Development expertise and experience
  • Financial credibility and flexibility
  • Project and technical creativity
  • Construction management
  • Operational expertise

Key Criteria

  • Meet economic criteria
  • Site availability
  • Fuel and water availability
  • Transmission line access
  • Environmental feasibility
  • Commercial exposure manageable

Keys To Success

  • Participation based upon sound
  • Economics and proven technology
  • Rigorous due diligence
  • Risk reward balance
  • Ability to add value
  • Ability to bring financing
  • Market cycle analysis

Enhancing value for all stakeholders

Focus Equities combines macro level market analysis with micro level assessment of potential projects to identify and select development opportunities. This begins with a comprehensive fatal flaw analysis and, if the project passes muster, then a detailed effort is initiated. Projects are financed with nonrecourse or limited recourse project financing. Focus strives to balance risk and reward in evaluating project economics. Focus looks for opportunities where it or its partners can effectively interface with government and local communities to enhance value for all stakeholders.

Kenneth William Mariash Sr.

The Developer / Owner

Ken Mariash, working alongside wife and partner Patricia Mariash, is regarded as one of the most visionary developers in North America and has transformed millions of square feet into profitable commercial, residential and industrial ventures. With his baccalaureate degrees in mathematics, science, business, accounting and architecture, plus an MBA and 40 years of building construction, real estate development and investing, Mariash’s experience is key to the success of his large-scale projects. The distinctive aesthetic vision he brings to each of his projects is evidence of his prior training as an architect and artist.

Patricia Mariash


For more than 25 years Patricia Mariash has been a real estate entrepreneur and commercial interior architect who has successfully completed thousands of prestigious corporate headquarters. Before becoming engaged in the commercial real estate development business, Patricia founded her own award-winning commercial interior architecture business. These projects encompassed more than 15 million square feet and represented some of the world’s most notable corporate headquarters throughout North America and Europe.

Kenneth and Patricia Mariash


At Focus Equities, the master developers of Aurum Energy Park in Edmonton, Deerfoot Meadows and Meadows Mile in Calgary, and Bayview Place in Victoria, community giving is — and always has been — a cornerstone of our professional partnership and corporate leadership.

We believe that investing where we live and work – investing in our neighbours – the people and families who are the lifeblood of our communities – is the right thing to do. We are also proud to devote our personal energy, leadership skills and business strengths to help build a healthy, vibrant and inclusive community for all. Our charitable contributions and sponsorship investments cover a wide range of community initiatives including education, women’s, children’s and seniors’ health, arts and culture, community development, sports and athletics.

Our very best to you!

Patricia Mariash and Kenneth William Mariash Sr.

Founders of Focus Equities