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Focus Equities – A Mariash Company


Focus Equities, a Canadian corporation, provides the full range of development, investment, financing, construction and operation of complex real estate, energy and infrastructure projects. Founded over 50-years ago by Canadian entrepreneur and visionary Kenneth Wm. Mariash, Sr., Focus Equities has an extraordinary track record of success.


In real estate, Focus Equities acts both as the developer of large complex projects and as an active financial investor. Focus Equities and its associated companies have developed, purchased, or sold millions of square feet of commercial industrial land and thousands of apartment /condominium units throughout North America.


Focus Equities’ subsidiary, Focus Energy Group, develops and finances large-scale energy infrastructure projects around the globe, with a particular focus on power generation and LNG infrastructure. Through expertise in commercial, financial, regulatory, and technical development, from conception to commercial operations, Focus Energy Group, delivers high returns on large and complex energy projects.

Real Estate  Projects


  • Large master planned developments
  • Existing assets requiring restructuring/repositioning
  • Investments in third party projects



  • Hydro, gas turbine, reciprocating engine,
    waste-to-energy, CFB, solar and wind
  • Refineries
  • LNG facilities and ports
  • Transmission



Focus is interested in the full
of real estate and energy
projects including greenfield and
brownfield as well as acquisition of
existing facilities.

What We Offer


  • Proven track record of success
  • Development expertise and experience
  • Financial credibility and flexibility
  • Project and technical creativity
  • Construction management
  • Operational expertise

Key Criteria


  • Meet economic criteria
  • Site availability
  • Fuel and water availability
  • Transmission line access
  • Environmental feasibility
  • Commercial exposure manageable

Keys to Success


  • Participation based upon sound
    economics and proven technology
  • Rigorous due diligence
  • Risk reward balance
  • Ability to add value
  • Ability to bring financing
  • Market cycle analysis

Focus Equities combines macro level market analysis with micro level assessment of potential projects to identify and select development opportunities. This begins with a comprehensive fatal flaw analysis and, if the project passes muster, then a detailed effort is initiated. Projects are financed with nonrecourse or limited recourse project financing.  Focus strives to balance risk and reward in evaluating project economics. Focus looks for opportunities where it or its partners can effectively interface with government and local communities to enhance value for all stakeholders.


Kenneth William Mariash Sr.

The Developer / Owner


Kenneth Wm. Mariash, Sr., working alongside wife and partner Patricia A. Mariash, is regarded as one of the most visionary real estate developers in North America and has transformed millions of square feet into profitable commercial, industrial and residential ventures. With his baccalaureate degrees in mathematics, science, business, accounting and architecture, plus an MBA and 50+ years of building construction, real estate development and investing, Mariash’s experience is key to the success of the companies large scale projects. The distinctive aesthetic vision he brings to each of the companies projects is evidence of his educational background, notably the study of architecture and its influence. An urban visionary and master planner committed to each project, Ken possesses a rare combination of qualities unique in the industry today.


Patricia A. Mariash

The Commercial Interior Designer / Owner


For more than 40 years, Patricia A. Mariash has been a commercial real estate entrepreneur, investor and commercial interior designer who has successfully completed thousands of prestigious corporate headquarters at notable, high rise architecture addresses. Before becoming engaged in the commercial real estate development business, Patricia earned her baccalaureate degree in commercial interior design and business, founded her own award-winning commercial interior design and planning firm and is today a celebrated, distinguished Alumnus, known for giving back. These projects encompassed more than 20 million square feet and represented some of the world’s most notable corporate headquarters throughout North America and Europe. With a linear and detailed approach to business, investment, development and design, Patricia’s work, contributions and influence are evident to the company’s success.